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Since our inception in 2007, Medsurge has strived to provide simple solutions to complex medicine sourcing problem. We work relentlessly to source, supply, and distribute a comprehensive portfolio of essential medicines, including SAS, S19A and Registered Products.

Our rapid response and breadth of experience for short supply products and medical shortages guarantee we provide the market with superior alternatives, mitigating the effects of medicine shortages on patients and our healthcare system.

Complex Medicine Sourcing, Simplified!

Introducing MConnect. Designed and developed for healthcare professionals. Your trusted platform for sourcing and supplying registered and unregistered medicines.

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Special Access
Scheme (SAS)

We are proud to support patients and healthcare professionals in Australia by simplifying and eliminating the barriers to accessing unapproved therapeutic goods globally and providing a pathway for treatment. This scheme is governed by the TGA and used when there are no approved clinical trials within Australia, a critical illness where there is no treatment option locally, or unapproved products that are outside of any clinical trial programs.

Medicine Shortages

Our goal is to mitigate the effects of medicine shortages on patients and our healthcare system. We source superior alternative medicines or treatments during medicine shortages or short supply; these products are safe and effective, ensuring every patient has access to their medication of choice when needed.

TGA Registered

We’re a passionate team of experts committed to delivering market-leading TGA registered pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals and patients. We help millions of Australians access high quality and clinically tested medicines.



We understand that being able to source high-quality medicines or therapies can be a challenging task. That is the very reason for our existence. Medsurge has made sourcing and supplying medicines simple, efficient and reliable through its service offering. The expertise of our dedicated team, combined with our extensive global networks, means that Medsurge can rapidly source any product for you, enabling you to focus on patient care without spending endless hours sourcing products.

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